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Sparring Partner

Managing Directors/Owners of small- and medium sized enterprises often have the feeling that they are on their own. Different from bigger companies they do not have a full staff or management team that has the right special expertise.

Our advisor can fulfill that function in your organization. He is there to act as sparring partner or soundboard. If he needs special knowledge about a certain subject, he will call his fellow associates  within the IIB network.

Examples  of topics that are non-daily issues are:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Change in strategy (including adaption of the business plan)
  • Marketing plan for new developed products
  • Development of a "dashboard", which makes it easier to manage the business on a more regular basis.
  • Change in organization in case of changed market conditions or legislation

Obviously the content of all meetings related to these topics or other parts of the business support program will be subject to a high level of confidentiality covered by a secrecy agreement.