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Institute for Independent Business

 The Managing Director of Com8 Consultancy , Herman Bezuijen, is an accredited associate of this Institute. This provides him a link to the world wide IIB network of advisors to Small- and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s). Every advisor has gone through a selection process, a training program  and shows a proven track record at senior management level for multiple years. 

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The Institute has accredited more than 5.500 associates since their foundation in 1984. More than 150 associates are active in The Netherlands. They are all generalists and know how to run and manage a company. Next to that they all have their own special expertise built up in their working career.  How special your market or your personal situation may be, there is always a specialist that can be of assistance within the IIB network.


In 2010 Herman Bezuijen joined the Orde van Geaccrediteerde Bedrijfsadviseurs Sparks. This is not only to secure the quality of advise that is given by it's members, it also requires their members to actively particpate in a permananent edcucation programme.

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In case you enter into a business support program, your contact person remains your vocal point and will be responsible for the quality of the advises you receive from the specialists. This means you will receive invoices only from him, which makes it easier for you and creates clarity.