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Improving Business Results

Many managing directors/owners are of the opinion that the level of profitability is too low.

You do not need any advice regarding the skills set  related to your product or service. In many cases you know the market in which you operate, your products and the circumstances like no one else and there may be a very few things that we can add to your knowledge.

However what we see more often, is that changing market conditions or legislation lead to necessary adaption in the way your business is managed.

A number of these changes are related but not limited to:

  • Set up of Business plan
  • Set up Marketing plan
  • Personnel (including training)
  • Certification (quality systems or other certification bodies)
  • Financing
  • Improving procurement
  • Regular analyses of business results (more than once a year)
  • Cost of production (including energy)

As you can see entrepreneurship is more than having the right skills set. Comp8 Consultancy offers practical advice with all aspects of management.  No lengthy reports, but advice that based on practical experience and if needed, support during the implementation.

Our contacts represent more than 3.500 IIB active accredited advisors. They all have specific knowledge and/or local market connect through an extensive network. This prevents you from re- inventing the wheel. You can take advantage from this extensive practical experience.

Practical advice that works.